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By , October 25, 2005

My flight leaves for LA this Sunday, 30th of October, at 11.30 am.

Sydney + Consulate

By , October 25, 2005

Interview was yesterday at the Consulate. Seems I’m not the only person who thinks the US Consulate is a thriving bureaucracy– there were plenty of people sitting in the waiting area whingeing about the whole [visa] process, especially the contradictory documents that we were all receiving. Of course they were unable to issue my visa on the same day as my interview– right? Right. So I had to miss another day of work and fill in 3/4 of a day in Sydney. I had visions of my interview consisting of a sit down with a person, but instead there is just a glass pane through which the interview is conducted, standing up. Anyways, they approved it [monday] and now I have it in my hand [tuesday].

Consulate Interview

By , October 10, 2005

My interview at the USA Consulate in Sydney has been scheduled for the 24th of October. This is what I’ve been waiting on for what seems like forever now.
The process here is that I present to them on the day all of the documents I have been required to obtain over the past couple of months, and everything being in order, they will stamp my passport the same day.

My flight to LA has been booked for months now [wishful thinking], and the most recent date change has that flight departing Brisbane on the 30th of October.

Contact Details

By , October 10, 2005

My contact details will be posted permanently here now. Find them on the sidebar. I will endeavour to keep this updated with my current contact details, so please use them. I will endeavour to be on instant messenger and skype with relative frequency.

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