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Rough Day

By , October 8, 2007

So the first Rugby World Cup game I decided to watch was the Australia v. England quarter final. I woke up at 4.45 am, picked up my buddies Alex and JP, and we went to Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica. It was Alex and JPs first rugby experience, and I think I picked a pretty good one for them. What a shame England resorted once more to their tedious kicking game, and the Australians couldn’t find their way over the line a second time. The atmosphere at the pub was great; absolutely packed, and pints flowing at 6am.

After the game (and a few sneaky post game pints to drown my sorrows) we breakfasted on 3rd St. promenade. Crepes and bloody marys all around.

Alex’s buddy decided to throw JP a ticket for the Trojan game, and away we all went. Met up with Kris and Tat for the Erbstoesser tailgate; burgers and more beers. What a great day it was turning out to be. Then the Trojans just didn’t show up.

Wow; 2 losses in one day, capped off by a raging headache, and being unable to sleep. I missed golf for Sunday morning because I felt so sick.

It was great to watch the rugby. It was definitely a highlight just going to watch, the fast moving, free flowing game a breath of fresh air after the stop start of American football.

Easy Sunday

By , June 4, 2007

Sitting back w/ a glass of wine thinking to myself life isn’t too bad;

Sunday involved a relatively late rise w/ some watching of the golf, a one all draw in soccer out in Santa Monica (Kris and I play in a mixed team called “You Got Served” [yes, named after the awesome movie] near my work with friends), some shopping, some grilling, a great dinner, and relaxing on the couch.

The apartment is finally collecting furniture, some chairs for the dining table, some patio furniture, and finally the first thing up on the wall. It has taken a while, but perhaps the struggle to obtain these first items has made us appreciate them that much more.

That’s all I have for the moment; just an unexpectedly great sunday afternoon / evening.

Throwaway Weekend

By , April 29, 2007

So Hotel Angelino is one of the first to get it right– wireless internet. So many modern hotels I go to, and there is no internet. Maybe I use my computer too much.

So the reason that I am in a hotel in LA (where I live) is that Kris is working the Festival of Books this weekend. I attended a panel at the festival entitled ‘Profiles in Terror’, which was rather interesting; Jeffrey Goldberg, Brian Michael Jenkins, Terry McDermott and Lawrence Wright were the panelists. Made me want to go out and buy their books (insert shopzilla publisher program text links here). The conversation focused on the war in Iraq, and terrorism. One of the authors, Lawrence Wright, pointed out how few of the 9/11 investigators spoke arabic, and still today, how few troops and staff in the intelligence bureaus do. Another key concept he pointed out, using Bin Laden issuing commands and declaring war from a cave having symbolic links back to [the prophet] Mohammed as an example, is that even today this depth of understanding is still lacking in US intelligence and troops on the ground.

I think this is the hotel my dad stayed in a while ago. I remember you mentioned, Dad, the 405, and that it does not stop. Kris and I grabbed a drink in the restaurant / bar on the top floor last night. The 405 lights up as far as the eye can see, and it boggles the mind how much traffic it carries. An article today in the [LA] times mentioned a fare hike for MTA services / public transport. Just doesn’t seem to be the way forward to me.


By , April 15, 2007

So you note the ad on the sidebar– I mean I’m not the biggest fan of displaying ads to my [small number of] readers, but there is a little meaning behind this one. It is the product of a lot of work on the Publisher Program. I don’t really have anything to do with how any of it all looks (the website, the ads themselves), but I have a lot to do with the software that loads each ad, and other software that does all of the backend processing of our data.

It is certainly very satisfying to see the ads on publishers’ sites– for me a very real sense of accomplishment.

Chillin’ Zillans

By , July 19, 2006

Not quite as good a name as ‘The camel jockeys’ but still a good team of which to be a part. Last night was a pre-season basketball game, and the first game [that I've played in] that we’ve won. I played most of the end of last season, and some of the defeats we suffered were pretty demoralising. That said we very nearly beat ‘’ who work just down the road, and then last night a 1 point win. There were some young punks that came and helped us out last night– reminds me of how much energy I had at age 16/17… these kids were animals, and put me to shame. The santa monica league is pretty interesting to say the least, especially for someone from the ABA (that’s right, the ‘Alstonville Basketball Association’), and there is a huge mix of friendly and not so friendly types. My best game so far had me hovering around 10-12 points. Due to my size (joke, right?), well maybe ‘height’ is a better word, I am playing center. Needless to say most of the guys I’m guarding are at the very least as tall as me, and 100kg.

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