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15.5% …

By , September 15, 2006

Is what no credit rating will get you here in the US on a car loan. I s’pose it’s not dissimilar to the credit card bill I racked up in the UK, but it still makes me angry; I mean, what is a ‘credit rating anyway’ ? Anyways….

So I have purchased around 2/3′s of my first car, ever. I am surprised at not feeling any particular emotions about the most costly purchase I’ve ever made– in the end it just needed to happen, and actually, truth be told, I didn’t even test drive the car I bought. Toyota Corolla, a to b, great mileage per gallon, and will hopefully be reliable for a good couple of years before I need/want something more.

Kris and I are really happy in our new apartment, and on the brink of sorting out a futon, and some other furniture details. We celebrated Kris’ birthday last weekend with an awesome dinner at The Hungry Cat.

Aside from the above, there is not a lot else to report. Work has been out of control busy, though very rewarding. The weekends involve a golfing foursome, the odd dinner / drink, and wonderful breakfasts with Kris.

More soon– Rod.


By , August 21, 2006

The gallery has been updated.


By , August 20, 2006

So we finally settled on an apartment. Compared to Brisbane, the rent is ASTRONOMICAL. I s’pose this is to be expected. We have a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment in West Hollywood. Technically it’s in Hancock Park, but the former is probably more descriptive for you. The link above is the general area we are in.

So pretty high up on the list of furniture needed is a queen size futon, hint hint to any of you contemplating a trip. Kris and I are both really happy with our place, it is bright and roomy, closer to work, and right near lots of fun bars, restaurants and shops. Work is now about 20 minutes on streets, which is so much better than pulling my hair out on the 405.

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