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Some photos

By , April 15, 2007

So I have been lazy for a long while (recurring theme, I know). So here are some photos from Xmas and Erin and Sharney’s wedding in New Zealand. Enjoy.

Australia + NZ, 2006 / 2007

Home (Brisbane) + The Ashes

By , November 22, 2006

So I have decided to come home for Christmas. I fly in 25rd December and depart on 11th January. I would love to hang out with you– let me know what your plans are.

A big bunch of the lads, Darragh and Hirst the ringleaders, are off to the Ashes in Brisbane this week. You bastards. About the same time that the Ashes is approaching, Darragh and Hirst conspire to send an email claiming that I have put on weight, succumbed to wearing/purchasing (both are ultimately true) designer sunglasses, and that my hair is thinning. You bastards. Needless to say none of the above are true– plenty of sports to keep me fit, I didn’t purchase my own designer sunglasses, and c’mon Darragh, I mean look at my flowing mane.

So I’m pissed I miss the ashes. I retrospect, it falls on Thanksgiving, and I should’ve scrounged 2 days from work and come to play for 9, Ashes and all. I only have a 2.5 day work week here by default for Thanksgiving.

You did send me an invite a while back Darragh, and now I’m regretting I didn’t take you up on it– have a blast at the ‘Gabba, you too Cherie, Lukey, Hirsty and all the rest. I will be chumping it up on internet radio– it’s some free independent radio station too, so it could be tough.

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