Chillin’ Zillans

By , July 19, 2006

Not quite as good a name as ‘The camel jockeys’ but still a good team of which to be a part. Last night was a pre-season basketball game, and the first game [that I've played in] that we’ve won. I played most of the end of last season, and some of the defeats we suffered were pretty demoralising. That said we very nearly beat ‘’ who work just down the road, and then last night a 1 point win. There were some young punks that came and helped us out last night– reminds me of how much energy I had at age 16/17… these kids were animals, and put me to shame. The santa monica league is pretty interesting to say the least, especially for someone from the ABA (that’s right, the ‘Alstonville Basketball Association’), and there is a huge mix of friendly and not so friendly types. My best game so far had me hovering around 10-12 points. Due to my size (joke, right?), well maybe ‘height’ is a better word, I am playing center. Needless to say most of the guys I’m guarding are at the very least as tall as me, and 100kg.

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  1. Robert Barlow says:

    Well done. little boy!! Must be all the Mai Tai’s from the Aloha State that gave you the assist to victory. Maybe a few hoisted in celebration.



  2. Harry says:

    Have you got the slang down pat yet rod? ‘yo steppin on my toes bitch’. ‘i’ll wip your ass’.

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