15.5% …

By , September 15, 2006

Is what no credit rating will get you here in the US on a car loan. I s’pose it’s not dissimilar to the credit card bill I racked up in the UK, but it still makes me angry; I mean, what is a ‘credit rating anyway’ ? Anyways….

So I have purchased around 2/3′s of my first car, ever. I am surprised at not feeling any particular emotions about the most costly purchase I’ve ever made– in the end it just needed to happen, and actually, truth be told, I didn’t even test drive the car I bought. Toyota Corolla, a to b, great mileage per gallon, and will hopefully be reliable for a good couple of years before I need/want something more.

Kris and I are really happy in our new apartment, and on the brink of sorting out a futon, and some other furniture details. We celebrated Kris’ birthday last weekend with an awesome dinner at The Hungry Cat.

Aside from the above, there is not a lot else to report. Work has been out of control busy, though very rewarding. The weekends involve a golfing foursome, the odd dinner / drink, and wonderful breakfasts with Kris.

More soon– Rod.

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