By , April 15, 2007

So the past couple of weekends have been pretty hectic.

There was my birthday, for which I had a BBQ here at the apartment. We hit a bar afterwards which was very enjoyable, though maybe a little too fast paced. Needless to say I didn’t stay out for too long, and wound up in a bit of trouble with Kris.

There was also a 4 day conference in Vegas. The fourth day was a little leisure with a buddy from work; there was also plenty of time for leisure in the evenings after the conference sessions. All things considered, it was a great time. Tim and JP provided excellent entertainment, just by turning up.

Then there was a mini-break to Palm Springs with Kris a couple of weekends ago. This was a much needed break, more an excuse to lounge by the pool and do nothing than anything else. We had a great time doing just that, nothing, and I took the Friday off to give us a nice block of time. Our room was tiny, but the hotel was great.

The car is pretty much paid off which is great, though I probably need to keep this loan open for a while to build some credit. Tim and JP will both vouch that dumping 3k onto your loan the week before heading to Vegas is not a good idea.

Last night Stanford hit me up for the Clippers game– like I was going to say no. We made a good night of it, though the clippers had a runaway victory which didn’t prove as exciting as it otherwise might have.

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