Rough Day

By , October 8, 2007

So the first Rugby World Cup game I decided to watch was the Australia v. England quarter final. I woke up at 4.45 am, picked up my buddies Alex and JP, and we went to Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica. It was Alex and JPs first rugby experience, and I think I picked a pretty good one for them. What a shame England resorted once more to their tedious kicking game, and the Australians couldn’t find their way over the line a second time. The atmosphere at the pub was great; absolutely packed, and pints flowing at 6am.

After the game (and a few sneaky post game pints to drown my sorrows) we breakfasted on 3rd St. promenade. Crepes and bloody marys all around.

Alex’s buddy decided to throw JP a ticket for the Trojan game, and away we all went. Met up with Kris and Tat for the Erbstoesser tailgate; burgers and more beers. What a great day it was turning out to be. Then the Trojans just didn’t show up.

Wow; 2 losses in one day, capped off by a raging headache, and being unable to sleep. I missed golf for Sunday morning because I felt so sick.

It was great to watch the rugby. It was definitely a highlight just going to watch, the fast moving, free flowing game a breath of fresh air after the stop start of American football.

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