The Great Debate

By , March 10, 2008

Kris and I were out to dinner mid week with our friends Lindsay and John. Given the time of year I s’pose it’s only natural that we found ourselves in a political debate. I really like political debate, and I only wish I were more invested and knowledgeable in US politics to engage my dinner companions more. We ate at Comme Ca which provided a loud and bustling atmosphere, perhaps the catalyst for our engaged conversation.

I called up Darragh and Cherie, who are visiting Christian and Mel in Canberra this weekend. It was lovely to hear their voices (I am pretty slack with calling everyone), and to hear them having a lovely time together. Kris and I attended Cherie and Darragh’s wedding in Brisbane last year, and following suit, we are planning to attend Christian and Mel’s this year in July. Congratulations Christian and Mel.

My newly born Niece, Lucy Claire Cologna, will be another reason for my trip, as will be her christening. I am glad everything went smoothly with Lucy’s delivery, and that Monica and Lucy are well. Don’t Monica and Rob have a lovely well balanced family ? Ben is already making me proud taking good care of his sister.

Kris and I took a relaxed lunch today in Culver City where we ate at Tender Greens. There really are some great places to eat and drink in Culver City, what with Ford’s Filling Station, Fraiche and Bottle Rock, Fraiche clearly being the pick of the bunch.

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