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By , April 15, 2007

So I have been lazy for a long while (recurring theme, I know). So here are some photos from Xmas and Erin and Sharney’s wedding in New Zealand. Enjoy.

Australia + NZ, 2006 / 2007

Home (Brisbane) + The Ashes

By , November 22, 2006

So I have decided to come home for Christmas. I fly in 25rd December and depart on 11th January. I would love to hang out with you– let me know what your plans are.

A big bunch of the lads, Darragh and Hirst the ringleaders, are off to the Ashes in Brisbane this week. You bastards. About the same time that the Ashes is approaching, Darragh and Hirst conspire to send an email claiming that I have put on weight, succumbed to wearing/purchasing (both are ultimately true) designer sunglasses, and that my hair is thinning. You bastards. Needless to say none of the above are true– plenty of sports to keep me fit, I didn’t purchase my own designer sunglasses, and c’mon Darragh, I mean look at my flowing mane.

So I’m pissed I miss the ashes. I retrospect, it falls on Thanksgiving, and I should’ve scrounged 2 days from work and come to play for 9, Ashes and all. I only have a 2.5 day work week here by default for Thanksgiving.

You did send me an invite a while back Darragh, and now I’m regretting I didn’t take you up on it– have a blast at the ‘Gabba, you too Cherie, Lukey, Hirsty and all the rest. I will be chumping it up on internet radio– it’s some free independent radio station too, so it could be tough.

NBA Action

By , November 22, 2006

My memories from the bakery days in Alstonville run something like 4.30am start, home just in time to shower and switch on NBA Action. NBA Action would roll into NBA game of the week, after which I would take to the driveway court like a madman.

In all these years I’ve never been to and NBA game, but it never rains, it pours. Two weeks back I was lucky enough to have some tickets fall into my lap for not one, but two NBA games. So down to Staples Center it was with two buddies from work, Alex and Juan for Lakers [Tuesday] and Clippers [Thursday].

I was on such a high from the games it was awesome– if only it would’ve inspired a win for the Chillin’ Zillans…

Jeff Beck

By , September 29, 2006

I had missed the Jeff Beck concert at the Greek in LA some months back, and had been keeping my eyes peeled ever since. So when I saw another performance coming up I was ecstatic. I grabbed a ticket for Kris and I and we went out for the concert.

What an amazing time. What an amazing guitarist. No pick– all fingers, and such a wide range of music and styles. Such a polished performer as well. Kris ended up having a wonderful time too– I mean at the base level Jeff Beck is a rocker, and Kris likes rock, so it figures right ?

The best concert I’ve been to– hands down.

For those of you not familiar with Jeff– the trivia part is perhaps the most revealing. If you are looking for an album, then Blow By Blow or Truth are the winners for me.

15.5% …

By , September 15, 2006

Is what no credit rating will get you here in the US on a car loan. I s’pose it’s not dissimilar to the credit card bill I racked up in the UK, but it still makes me angry; I mean, what is a ‘credit rating anyway’ ? Anyways….

So I have purchased around 2/3′s of my first car, ever. I am surprised at not feeling any particular emotions about the most costly purchase I’ve ever made– in the end it just needed to happen, and actually, truth be told, I didn’t even test drive the car I bought. Toyota Corolla, a to b, great mileage per gallon, and will hopefully be reliable for a good couple of years before I need/want something more.

Kris and I are really happy in our new apartment, and on the brink of sorting out a futon, and some other furniture details. We celebrated Kris’ birthday last weekend with an awesome dinner at The Hungry Cat.

Aside from the above, there is not a lot else to report. Work has been out of control busy, though very rewarding. The weekends involve a golfing foursome, the odd dinner / drink, and wonderful breakfasts with Kris.

More soon– Rod.

Radio Silence

By , August 21, 2006

So it’s been pretty quiet here on these web pages for a while. I s’pose this is a sign I’ve been busy. Often I get caught up in just doing and enjoying than worrying about all the ancillary tasks that most people take the time to do. This bothers Kris to no end I think– like my inability to write a thank you card, the simple things that go a long way.

Anyways– I have been busy for the past several months….

san francisco / nashville / vegas
This was in may and june. I went to a conference called Java One in san francisco. It was actually a really interesting conference, though of course it was packed with geeks. I learnt a lot, though I still have failed to follow through on [the ancillary task of] producing a report on the conference sessions for work.
So the Thursday morning I flew back on shitty southwest airlines, I arrived at LAX and went straight to work. I arrived home to my buddy John and his [now fiancee] Lani, who were visiting from the UK. We played in LA for a day or two, and Kris took the liberty of showing them about while I worked the thursday. I took a ‘health and wellness’ day for friday [this is actually the real name for a work perk-- I get 2 per annum], and attempted to show them about, but it was like the blind leading the blind. It’s hard to know what to show people in LA, but I’m sure as I settle in a little more I will figure this out. Friday afternoon, we flew to Vegas for the weekend. I arrived back to LAX monday, and you guessed it, straight to work. Tough day, large cobwebs.
The following weekend, Kris and I went to Nashville, for her sister Tat’s graduation. A wonderful time was had by all, including some post graduation partying. Kris’ dad, Gene and I squeezed in two rounds of golf at two of the most amazing courses I’ve ever seen. Particularly impressive was The Golf Club of Tennessee.

Palm Springs
Kim [Kris' girlfriend], her boyfriend Ryan, Kris and I took a trip to Palm Springs for the weekend. This was in July. It was as hot as hell out there in the desert, but thankfully they took to strapping little ice buckets to the back of the golf carts, so Ryan and I were ok.

Hawaii, Maui
My dad and his wife, Bev, were holidaying in Hawaii for a couple of weeks, and Kris and I decided to meet them in Maui. We had a wonderful time relaxing over drinks and dinner on the beach, did some snorkelling and drove up the taller of the two volcanoes on maui, Mt. Haleakala. It was really great to see dad, and to relax for the weekend in Maui. We landed at LAX at around 7am and I went straight to work.

Berlin, London
I took a trip to Berlin with my buddies Christian and John. I took a week off work, flew to London, then the three of us took a dirty Ryanair flight to Berlin. We were only in Berlin for 4 nights, but it was definitely worth the trip. We didn’t really see too many sights in depth, though we did take an eight hour walking tour of the city, which by the way Mel, was awesome. Most of our time was spent sitting at cafes pretending to eat, but largely focused on talking crap and boozing– I’m not going to lie. The gravitas was in effect. To paraphrase Christian, ‘… underneath the surface of Berlin lies madness waiting to let loose, and we scratched that surface.’

to be continued….


By , August 21, 2006

The gallery has been updated.


By , August 20, 2006

So we finally settled on an apartment. Compared to Brisbane, the rent is ASTRONOMICAL. I s’pose this is to be expected. We have a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment in West Hollywood. Technically it’s in Hancock Park, but the former is probably more descriptive for you. The link above is the general area we are in.

So pretty high up on the list of furniture needed is a queen size futon, hint hint to any of you contemplating a trip. Kris and I are both really happy with our place, it is bright and roomy, closer to work, and right near lots of fun bars, restaurants and shops. Work is now about 20 minutes on streets, which is so much better than pulling my hair out on the 405.

Chillin’ Zillans

By , July 19, 2006

Not quite as good a name as ‘The camel jockeys’ but still a good team of which to be a part. Last night was a pre-season basketball game, and the first game [that I've played in] that we’ve won. I played most of the end of last season, and some of the defeats we suffered were pretty demoralising. That said we very nearly beat ‘’ who work just down the road, and then last night a 1 point win. There were some young punks that came and helped us out last night– reminds me of how much energy I had at age 16/17… these kids were animals, and put me to shame. The santa monica league is pretty interesting to say the least, especially for someone from the ABA (that’s right, the ‘Alstonville Basketball Association’), and there is a huge mix of friendly and not so friendly types. My best game so far had me hovering around 10-12 points. Due to my size (joke, right?), well maybe ‘height’ is a better word, I am playing center. Needless to say most of the guys I’m guarding are at the very least as tall as me, and 100kg.

Copa Mundial

By , June 26, 2006

So tomorrow is the big day. I am so excited the socceroos are part of the round of 16 in the world cup. Anyone who has been a Camel Jockey or an Alstonville Bear will know that I am not a fairweather football fan.^ Kris an I have been clad in Aussie apparrel for both games so far jumping out of the couch screaming and cheering when the soccerroos score. The venue for the final game of group play was the ‘Cock and Bull’ pub in Santa Monica. I took a long lunch and downed a few sneaky pints with Kris and some random Aussies in front of a giant screen, and the best thing of all was a British audio feed. The American comentary here is terrible, and I much prefer to watch the Spanish feeds even though the picture is terrible and I understand nowhere near as much as Kris.

Seems like work is getting in the way of football tomorrow as I have a meeting scheduled for 9.30-10.30, which corresponds to the whole of the second half. Hopefully it’s already decided by the break…

I am aware I have been pretty lazy with this site, so apologies. Email has been pretty slow too, and that is bad on my part, so sorry again. It is tough to manage anything but the couch after a day of work and battling traffic on the way home.

Should be some more photos up soon.

^ I just realised I forgot to mention two more football teams, PowerPlus and QSIPayments.

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