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Still There?

By , March 13, 2010

Hi! Still there? I wonder if you’re still reading my blog?

I think I found my voice again, and I changed the look of my site, to make it more fun. I added the latest from my personal Twitter account too. Hope you like the new look and feel.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my last post. A year ago I was in the middle of a really fun, three month project in London, with a really passionate group of people. Some of the time there was a bit lonely, but Kris peppered me with a few visits, and Kris’ mum Maria kept me fed. In general, it was a good solid block of “Rod Time”, where I could be a bit selfish, and lazy (whilst working really hard).

It’s amazing what’s transpired since! I feel like turning 30 has been as graceful as it could’ve and a couple of really solid buddies helped make the big night as perfect as I would’ve hoped. Kris took me to an amazing dinner at Hatfield’s, and gave me the best gift I’ve ever received: a Fender tube amp. Kris is awesome. We’ll keep her… for life. You read right.

That will do for now, but I’m making a pact to write more frequently, or better, consistently?

I’m blogging about my job at too.

Bye for now!

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