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Banner Images

By , March 13, 2010

I thought it appropriate to introduce my banner images, of which there are three. All three are from my trip to Iceland from December 2003. They should alternate for you at random.

Fishing Buoys, Rusted Bike

I took a walk to try and photograph Puffins. There are bird cliffs close to Reykjavik, and being strapped for cash, I decided I could walk there. I started the day walking because during my two year walk-about, I was living on a bartender’s wage. Turns out walking was a horrible idea. It was far, it was cold, and it was really really windy. All’s well that ends well, I started hitch-hiking, and was rewarded with a ride. A young native Icelandic lass took pity on me.

I ended up at nowhere near the bird cliffs, but near a bright yellow lighthouse. I never did take a photograph of a Puffin, but I did photograph the lighthouse. I also noticed a brick shed, contrasted with the bright, colorful fishing buoys it was housing. I had prepared a sandwich in the morning (how on earth was I this organized, motivated?), and promptly crushed it, having burned a ton of energy walking in the cold and wind.

Two Cairns

If you’d forgotten, the “Internet Machine” (credit, Jody) is kinda awesome. Apparently, balancing rocks is a big deal. I had originally thought the rock mounds, or cairns, were for navigation, but the internet machine is telling me… cairns are multi-purpose?

Well, I think they’re cool regardless. I snapped the picture prior to accepting the ride for the Lighthouse.

Blue Lagoon Spa

Prior to my flight for New York, I stopped in at Blue Lagoon Spa and tried to help out the skin under my ridiculous beard. Geothermal pools are pretty cool, and you can swim in them.


Iceland is a place of natural wonders. I’d love to go back. Distilled, I want to do this but more like this.

Yeah. Um, Kris? This would be great.

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